RSUH Alumni Office

Welcome to the RSUH Alumni Office site!

Here RSUH seniors and alumni will find useful information on up-to-date job offers specifically suited for their needs. Our staff members will be happy to provide additional information on vacancies, employers as well as general job counseling.

Our partners know that here they can always depend on the qualified personnel’s best offer of the best RSUH students.

For your convenience, open vacancies are listed under several headings at the bottom of the page. If you find a position that interests you, please fill out the application form and send it to with the title of the vacancy in the body of a letter.

You can also get the feedback from both the partners and the applicants in order to get an objective opinion of the position. In order to gain a better insight of our recruitment-related activities, feel free to take a look at our presentation. If you have any questions please go to the  F.A.Q section first as the answer might already be there. But if it isn’t, contact us immediately!

+7 499 973 42 42